A progressive educational resource for young women exploring STEM and beyond…

Our MIssion

The mission of Jewels Academy is to provide young women the competitive edge needed to succeed academically and vocationally in STEM and the arts within an encouraging and nurturing environment.
Our 2020 Events:
Math Tutoring: May 19th - June 30th, Tuesdays & Thursdays
Summer Y.E.S. & Math Camp Program: June 15th - July 23rd
Fall Y.E.S. Reconnect:  October 10th & 17th

Call:  515-243-9159
Email: info@jewelsacademy.org


Who We Are

Jewels Academy, is an organization that offers STEM and self enrichment programs for under represented girls in 4th – 12th grades. The 10th - 12th graders are assistants to the workshop instructors.

Our Objectives

  • Cultivate an interest and further develop an aptitude for science and technology 
  • Promote higher learning in post-secondary education through STEM career opportunities through workshops and mentorships
  • Introduce cutting-edge technology and concepts, while providing hands-on learning
  • Build Character traits for the betterment of their communities

our 2018 Outcomes

  • 100% of Jewels Academy high school graduates attend college
  • 100% of peer mentors graduating 2018 or earlier completed their bachelor’s degrees in a STEM field 
  • 89% of high school and college peer mentors since 2014 major in a STEM discipline and on track to graduate from college between 2019 and 2023
  • Outreach to over 700 youth in community events in 2018
  • Partner and affiliated with over 10 major colleges, universities, professionals and businesses to create accessibility