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Our Events

Our 2020 Upcoming Events:
Math Tutoring Session I: September 15th - October 20th, Tuesdays
Fall Y.E.S. Reconnect:  October 10th & 17th, Saturdays
Math Tutoring Session II: November 3rd - December 8th, Tuesdays

Call:  515-243-9159

What's New at Jewels Academy?

Due to COVID-19, we have adjusted our programming to be virtual.   The essence of our programming has not changed. The Virtual App Camp 2nd session will be during the Fall Programming in October. Students create an app that helps their peers or the community. They will then give a presentation for their functional app! 

Our Objectives

Annual Group Pictures

  • Cultivate interest and further develop an aptitude for science and technology 
  • Promote higher learning in post-secondary education through STEM career opportunities through workshops and mentorships
  • Introduce cutting-edge technology and concepts, while providing hands-on learning
  • Build Character traits for the betterment of their communities