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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Biblical principles mean?
Biblical principles means that we make our governing decisions based on the Word of God.  We honor our Christian principles.  However, we welcome students from all faiths and backgrounds.

2. Is Jewels Academy just for girls?
Correct, Jewels Academy is a 501c3 organization that serve girls from elementary to high school ages.

3. Is Jewels Academy for just minorities?
No, Jewels Academy is not just for minorities but our philosophy and mission is to reach under represented, under served girls with a diverse social economic background.  We have a heart for diversity on various social and economic levels.

4. Do you have more programs than STEM related?
Yes, however our emphasis currently is on our STEM program for the next 3 to 5 years and slowly bring in other programs that cover financial astuteness, social graces, the arts and physical fitness.

5. Young Emerging Scientists Program is only for 9 to 14 year olds?
No, we also have youth workers program such that 10th – 12th graders serve as assistant instructors and receive a stipend.  We mostly recruit for this program in the Spring of each year.     You can find more information in the Our Programs section of this website.

6. When is the next set of workshops?
We have our workshops posted on our calendar located:  www.jewelsacademy.org or check us out on facebook at www.facebook.com/JASTEM2005

7. How can I register for an upcoming workshop?
Go to the Programs-Registration page on our website (www.jewelsacademy.org/programs) to register and submit application and payment for an upcoming workshop. 

8. Do you have scholarships for your workshops?
We do have limited scholarships.  They are provided on a need basis and attendance basis.  More information about our scholarships on the Scholarships page.  Please note we do require the scholarship recipients attend all sessions for that given workshop period.