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Virtual Math Tutoring & Virtual App camp spring/summer 2020!

Due to COVID-19, we have adjusted our programming to be virtual.   The essence of our programming has not changed.  The first program upcoming in Mid May of 2020 is the Virtual Math Tutoring.  The Virtual Math Tutoring program is for that student that needs more assistance to keep on track to solidifying their math skills in grades 4th - 10th grade.  For the month of May, tutoring sessions are free!
The second program is our Virtual App Camp which starts in late June of 2020 through July where the students create an app that helps their peers or the community.  Then present their functional app to a group of judges who consist of our corporate sponsors and board of directors for a $100 gift card to Amazon.

Young Emerging Scientists - STEM Program - 4th - 8th Grade girls

  • STEM workshops are learned by doing where each session is design to complete a project and links to a STEM career
  • Troubleshooting is required during the STEM workshops
  • 8 to 10 STEM workshops within a year (2 to 3 in the Spring, 4 in the Summer and 2 in the Fall) - 4hrs/workshop
  • Aimed to engage older studenst in STEM workshops as assistance to instructors
  • Serve as mentors to the younger students
  • Enhance technical and social skills through learning new equipment and communicating with various people from students to professionals
  • Enhance problem solving skills with students and learn to think quickly on one's feet
We partner with local colleges and universities to obtain student interns.  The main requirement is to have a passion to work with youth and great communication skills.  We do prefer students with a STEM major.  Our
college interns have varied responsibilities such asresearching latest STEM newsing and sharing on social media, creating designs for upcoming programming to troubleshooting equipment and curriuclum.  We accept applications on a semester basis. Send an email here info@jewelsacademy.org if you are interested!
When:  Applications accepted every Spring and Summer Semesters (March - June)

MATH CAMP - annually  - 4th - 8th Graders

Solidify Math Foundation Skills
· Improve opinion about math
· Reduce fear about math
· Fun Interactive drills and math related activities to solidify foundation
· Improve post assessment scoring
· Create a firm math foundation which leads to higher chance in choosing a STEM career
· When: 2020 (Saturdays - June 6th, 13th, 20th, & 27th) - 4 hours/session