Join Emerging Women Excelling in Leadership and STEM

January 2021
Jewels Academy's Receives Telligen Community Initiative Grant

November 2020
Jewels Academy's College Scholarship - Sponsored by Cognizant Making the Future Recipients

October 2020
Jewels Academy Receives Grant from Variety - The Children's Charity

September 2020
WDM Chamber Launches Fundraiser to Support NAACP, Jewels Academy

February 2019
Recipient of the Million Women Mentors Scholarship Program

Testimonials of common feedback

Parents:  "This is our second year and she loves it. I love it for her as well. I truly love the program and how it's geared toward all ages. What you're doing is a God send and I pray it will continue to grow and develop some well grounded and strong STEM ladies one day. You just never know how much this program is helping our young ladies."
                "I praise God for what you are doing."
Students:  "It was fun showing my mom projects."
                 "I loved my mom volunteering."
Executives:  "What a wonderful program. Ms. Wayne should be commended for her efforts
                    and foresight to realize the present and future needs for educated females.
                    Ms. Wayne is a leader who is developing future leaders. What a smart way to
                    create a positive community impact."
                                                    --Robert H. Yancey Jr., President (retired)
                                                     Goodrich Engine Components Division
                                                     West Des Moines, IA