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The purpose of our math programming is to improve students’ confidence and skills in foundational math concepts while still in elementary and middle school. If basic math concepts are not mastered the path to taking more advanced classes in mathematics is reduced in high school and STEM careers become less of an option in college.


 Mondays, 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM CST

*See below for payment and scholarship information.

This fall, sign up to become a STEM Innovator with the Emerald College Prep Program! This course is for 9th – 12th graders with the option to receive three transferable college credits. The course is geared toward college-bound or highly interested college students who are interested in innovation, and/or entrepreneurship.


Oct 3rd – Nov 23rd

Thursdays, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM CST.

Register Here

*See below for payment and scholarship information.

Join Jewels Academy at our free in-person workshop at Deer Ridge: Meet and chat with members of the Jewel’s Academy team and enjoy exciting an STEM workshop!

Where: New City Church in Des Moines, 3114 SW 61st Street


 Saturday, 9:30 AM

Payment & Scholarships

The registration form of payment is PayPal or check.  You can also pay by credit card as a guest or through your PayPal account.  

We prefer mail-in payment due to no charge fees.


Make check payable to Jewels Academy, 1620 Pleasant Street, Suite 216, Des Moines, IA 50314.

Have Questions?

Do you have questions about our programs, how to register or would like to know more about our scholarships. Contact us and look forward to helping you.